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    2019-07-11 14:51:20
    1. 纯棉沙发:纯棉面料沙发,柔软透气,自然环保,非常贴合肌肤。这是目前市场份额较大的一种型号。乡村风格多用于纯棉沙发。价格低廉,花色多样,但弹性差,易起皱,易染色,耐磨性差。
    Pure cotton sofa: pure cotton fabric sofa, soft and breathable, natural and environmental protection, very skin-friendly. This is the current market share of a larger model. Rural style is mostly used in cotton sofas. Low price, various patterns, but poor elasticity, easy wrinkle, easy dyeing, poor wear resistance.
    Flannel sofa: The flannel sofa is impressive with its delicate and soft touch. From corduroy in the past to suede in the present, velvet sofas have changed their position in magnificence and elegance. Flannel sofas are more expensive than other fabrics. Fashionable appearance, good color rendering effect, dust-proof, anti-fouling and other advantages, but easy static electricity.
    Flax sofa: The charm of flax sofa is better than its thermal conductivity. Even in summer, don't worry about sweating and sticking. The fine cloth sofa is compact and soft, moderate in hardness and softness, and has a simple and natural temperament. Wear-resistant, not easy to fold, not fading, not rolling balls, will not generate static electricity, in wet places will not mildew.



    4. Mixed sofa: Mixed cotton and chemical fibre materials can show the visual effect of silk, flannel or linen, but the design and color are not natural and pure, and the price is cheaper. In recent years, with the rise of different chemical fibers, blended fibers and blended fabrics, and the improvement of dyeing and finishing technology, the soft handle and high simulation effect of blended fabrics can almost be comparable to real fabrics. Easy to clean and permanent, bright color, durable, flexible.
    The design of the sofa cover does not use the face of the buckle buckle to sew on the cloth cover, the use of 4 closing buckles, elastic rope, buckle accessories, zippers and other clothing commonly used, more human-oriented design, easier to disassemble the mechanism, after solving the situation that can not be used completely wash the sofa cover.
    To solve the shrinkage problem: sofa clothes cover the sofa body, to ensure the same size, no size, cleaning can still maintain the original, which requires that the fabric of sofa clothes must shrink before production; shrinkage treatment has two ways: a small amount of direct use of household washing machine washing and drying; 2: a large amount of water can be used for industrial washing. The washing machine washes and dries.
    At present, the main fabrics used for sofa cover are cotton, linen and velvet.
    At present, the market share of cotton is quite wide. When choosing cotton, it should be touched first, feeling delicate, soft and thick. Looking at it again, the pattern should be three-dimensional and natural, even and soft. The quality of three odors, with lighter wiring, can be changed into gray and no tar odor is better.
    Natural cannabis materials have the advantages of warm winter and cool summer. Because the shrinkage rate of linen is very high, the pre-shrinkage treatment was done when the cleaning cloth was asked whether it had been soaked for a long time. The flannel fabric has good gloss and comfortable feel. When purchasing, you should touch it with your hands. It is light and silky. It feels beautiful with delicate silk and satin.
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